Friday, 21 April 2017

Day 2 Post Op

Right now, it is exactly 48 hours since I had surgery. I had surgery on April 19th. I went in at 11am-ish, And I came to in recovery at 12:20pm. I remember because while the nurse took my obs right after I woke up, the old lady in the bed next to me was confused and asking lots of questions. One question was what the time was.

Mum drove down the day before. I worked a long day to make up for my missed hours and got home to find mum had cooked me a roast chicken- yum! Then i followed the usual procedure, No food after midnight- no water after 6am. Was up at 6:30 to do a chorohexidine sponge wash. No skin products after that so Joelle my Beauty Therapist is probably going to shoot me. We've been working so hard to get my adult acne under control.

Then off to the hospital at 8am. When I got there they had me change into a gown and gave me a loading dose of paracetamol. They don't let you wear anything under the gown. At my insistence I was given a pair of flimsy mesh underwear. But no bra. I sleep in a bra so I was unimpressed. So then mum and I sat there till 10:30. We just talked about everything. Life mostly. at 10:30 the anaesthetist came in. We had a quick chat. He confirmed some details and then disappeared again. About 10 mins later in came my surgeon. He marked my legs, just giant arrows with sharpie and answered my last minute questions, confirmed the number of compartments we would be releasing etc. Then he was gone too. Lastly the nurse came in. Checked I was good to go, answered my questions (your not going to catheterize me are you?!) and then she walked me down into theatre. In theatre there was the anaesthetist, and some nurses. They had me lie on the table, covered me in heated blankets. Then they put in a line. I remember being given an oxygen mask- but it smelled weird- i remember thinking that's not just oxygen. They told me there was gas in it to help settle me. I felt a bit drunk, tingly and weird. Then the nurse gave me her hand to hold, and last thing i remember is the anaethesist saying he was going to put me out. I don't remember closing my eyes or going out, but I do remember coming to.

Coming too was weird. It felt like coming back after fainting. I had semi dreamed. There was one nurse with me, And I was really groggy but i fought to stay awake. They told me once I was awake  and my obs were stable I could go to the ward which was where mum would be. I don't know why but I just really wanted to cry. It was only about 10 mins later they took me to the ward. I was put in a 4 bedded room (public health) with 2 other post surgical ladies. They were feeling really sick from the anesthetic too so we didn't really talk. I was nauseous too when i first sat up. i lay back down quickly. I would've vomitted if I had anything in my stomach. The nurse gave me anti-nausea drugs through my IV and I instantly felt better. I had mum help me change into PJ's and my own underwear as soon as I was no longer nauseous and able to move in bed. I felt so much better in my own clothes and a bra.

I walked for the first time an hour or so later. A nurse on one side, HCA on the other, doing this really weird shuffle. My legs didn't hurt too much, but it didn't want to bend my knees. I sat on the toilet and i started to feel really dizzy. I managed to finish my job and pull my pants up, then sit back down on the closed toilet seat before i rang the bell but the HCA had to wheel me back to bed. I launched myself onto the bed and lay down and felt so much better instantly. The nurse gave me another anti nausea drug, this time sublingual. I spent most of that day lying in bed dozing. Occasionally watching some shows on my laptop.

I stayed in bed till after dinner. This time I got up and had the nurse walk with me but i was much more steady on my feet. I walked back from the bathroom myself and from then on was good to walk alone. My pain levels kicked up over night. The Dr's had put a local in at the end of surgery and that started to wear off I think. I was numb on the inside of my ankle that night but I could feel that again when I woke up at 11:30. I had lots of paracetamol and tramadol overnight. I think alot of that was because my sleep was shit so I felt the pain. There were machines beeping and we got a new room mate at midnight. Then another roommate was nauseous. All that hospital fun.

I was discharged after a surgeons visit, a dressings change and a shower the next morning. I was able to shower myself, though I used the shower chair. and get myself dressed. We left hospital at 10:30am and I spent most of the arvo sleeping. Mum woke me up for dinner and I was up again till I went back to sleep at 10pm. Holy hell though last night was the best nights sleep I've ever had. I feel normal again now.

Mum left to go home this morning. I'm waiting for my boyfriend to finish work and come around for the weekend.

My pain is good. I was discharged with paracetamol, Tramadol and asprin. I've taken the paracetamol today but haven't used tramadol since yesterday, The asprin is just as a blood thinner so its low dose and I take it once a day. Over all my muscles are achey. There's no pain if I'm still, when i move they feel like a tight crampy feeling. Like after a really bad muscle strain. There a little burning in my legs where the incision is and they are also tender. But overall its like really bad sore muscles after leg day when I walk. I am walking, but just to the bathroom, kitchen and back. I was able to walk into the pharmacy yesterday too. I am walking hilariously though. Kind of like a toddler. For some weird reason my Right leg hurts a bit more than my left, but its managable. I am noticing a bit more ooze on my R leg wound though, So I may go back to the hospital soon if it continues, for another dressing change.

My stitches come out in 2 weeks and i have a ortho follow up in 6.

All in all im ok. Im a sorry sight, but im ok. with any luck ill be back dancing in no time.

I cant wait for Mark to get here though. I have a weekend of cuddles and movies planned. And maybe for the second time in our relationship he might just cook me dinner :)

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